Sammamish Beach Club

The Sammamish Beach Club is a private shared beach -- part of land ownership in Beaumont, Sammamish Heights and Lake Crest neighborhoods in Bellevue, WA.











Beach: Rules



Club access is only available to Members in Good Standing and their accompanied guest.  Members are prohibited from allowing unaccompanied use of the Club by Transient Occupants.  Long-Term Tenants of Members in Good Standing must agree to all the current policies and liability releases to have unaccompanied access to the Club.
Each household that is a "Member in good standing" gets 2 access codes to the secured beach.  Your access code also unlocks the Beach House. The importance of managing your unique access code with the same level of care as a Debit Card Personal Identification Number (PIN) cannot be emphasized enough.
If you suspect your code has been compromised, you are required to contact a Board Member within (24) hours to have the code suspended.  Failure to do this will obligate you to damages.
Property rights of adjacent neighbors must be respected.  Access to and from the beach shall be via beach club property only. The neighbors’ driveway is private property and its use by beach club owners is prohibited.  The one exception is during access of 911 emergency personnel. The neighbors’ docks are off limits.  Non-member guests may use the facility when accompanied by a valid member.



The beach shall only be used between sunrise and dusk, with closing of beach club at 10:00 p.m. PST regardless of dusk for that given day. 



The conduct and safety of children is the responsibility of their parents.  Any child under the age of (13) must have a parent and/or guardian present at all times, no exceptions.  However, adult members who let their children come to the beach without adult supervision will be liable for any misuse of the facilities or infractions of the beach club rules by their unsupervised children. Any adult member may send unsupervised children home if they misuse the facilities, disregard beach club rules or fail to show respect for other members.



Members are liable for any action by themselves, their children or their guests that causes damage to or loss of Beach Club property.  When a Member's unique access code is used, that Member becomes liable for any damage to or loss of Club facilities and/or Member possessions stored in those secured Club facilities. Your unique access code should be protected with the same level of care as your personal identification number (PIN) for your debit card. 

Cleaning Up


Because this is a shared facility, everyone is responsible for cleaning up after themselves and properly storing and securing any items that they have used (Barbecue, Boats, Life Vests, Safety Items, Chairs, etc.).  This property is an extension of your home and our neighborhood.  We must all work together to keep it clean, safe and fun.  

If you take something out and someone else is using it when you want to leave, please make sure that the current user knows where the item should be stored when they leave. Items such as boats must be returned to storage and locked.  Paddles must be returned to the Beach House; lifejackets to the storage shed.  Doors and gates must be fully closed and locked.

Beach House Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning up after yourself is especially important in the Beach House. Each room has a plastic container under the sink that contains paper products, hand soap, small garbage bags and spare light bulbs.  At least two spare toilet paper rolls should be left on the handle of the plumber's helper that is adjacent to the toilet. The room to the west (to the right as you enter the door) has a second plastic container that contains large plastic bags for the outside garbage cans and general cleaning products that can be used to clean the toilet and sink.  If you notice that any products are running low, please contact a Board Member.

There are a couple of mops and brooms in the Beach House that eagerly await the touch of your hands.  If it looks dirty and you've got a minute, please give it a quick cleaning. The garbage can under the sink magically turns into a bucket when you remove the plastic garbage bags.  Also, if you see a full garbage can, take the time to empty it. In an effort to keep expenses down we ask that; if you have a free hand when you're leaving, please carry out a bag of garbage and drop it in your container when you get home.  


If you do use the barbecue, make sure that the valve on the propane tank is fully shut off before you put it away. There is a spare propane tank in the storage shed.  When you swap-out an empty tank please notify a Board Member, so it can be refilled. 

Boat Use


In order to receive an access code to the property you must sign a liability waiver which provides you access to the club owned or donated boats.

Please return the boat to the rack and ensure it is locked.  Leaving it on the beach subjects us all to avoidable risks.



Washington State law requires children age 12 and under to wear a lifejacket on vessels less than 19’.  It is strongly encouraged that everyone over 12 wear a lifejacket or have one on board at all times.  For your own safety, no diving from the swim platform or swimming under the platform.  Watch for glass on the beach or in the lake.  Never swim alone.


Leaving Personal Items


The Sammamish Beach Club will not be held liable for any damage or theft of personal items left at the beach. If you elect to leave any personal items at the beach they must be marked with, at a minimum, your name (name, street address & phone number) Personal boats or watercrafts are not allowed to be stored. 



Be respectful.  Pets are welcome and should be on leash if others are present.  Clean up after your pet.  We have provided sanitary waste bags for your use.  Also, refrain from aggressive play when sharing the facility with other neighbors and guests. 



  • The Storage Shed is exclusively for Beach Club items. Lifejackets are stored here for easy access, along with extra propane, yard maintenance equipment, etc.
  • Beach House - Paddles are to be left in the locked Beach House; lifejackets in the storage shed. The plastic containers holding supplies and cleaning materials and other cleaning items such as brooms and mops are also inside.  You are welcome to leave similar items, yet please know these can be used by the community. 



We do not have a specific Smoking Policy.  Everyone is asked to be mindful and respectful if others are present.  “Ask” permission to smoke.





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