Sammamish Beach Club

The Sammamish Beach Club is a private shared beach -- part of land ownership in Beaumont, Sammamish Heights and Lake Crest neighborhoods in Bellevue, WA.



Beach: Tour

The Sammamish Beach Club property extends from West Lake Sammamish Parkway S.E. to Lake Sammamish and has approximately 50 feet of waterfront.

2010 Improvements

The Tunnel

In addition to allowing for safe crossing under West Lake Sammamish Parkway, the tunnel makes a first impression to our guests. The Board monitors for graffiti and has the tunnel repainted when necessary.




On the North end of the beach there is an elevated dock that extends out over the water by approximately 6 feet and has a width of 12 feet at the water line. A picnic table is provided at the end of the dock and it is a very pleasant spot for just sitting and watching the ducks paddle by. If you've got a good arm, you can even cast out and try your luck at fishing. Notice the difference in the 2008 and earlier photos (landscaping and tidiness).



The Beach

The dock effectively reduces our actual beach width to 38 feet. The Beach club regularly brings in sand to make it a more pleasurable place for children to play. The small park bench at the back of the beach provides a ideal place to sit and watch the swimmers in the water.



Boat Rack

On the South end of the beach is a shared boat rack for club member's sailboards and small boats. The rack is set back several feet so that the beach is still usable here.



Play Area: Tower

The Play Tower: Toward the back of this area there is a children's play tower with a slide, a rope climb and soft stuff to land in. This facility is for your smaller children.



Beach House

Attached to the North side of the pump station is our Beach House. As you enter the door (using your code) you will find that you can go either left or right. To the left is our East Bathroom and to the right is our West Bathroom. There is basically no difference between the two but we do allow storage of member's personal beach items in the West Bathroom. Both rooms are equipped with a private toilet area and a sink but, be prepared to "rough it" a little here. There is only cold water.


Storage Sheds

There are currently two storage sheds. The storage shed directly in front of the Beach House is for storage of member beach items. The storage shed to the East of the Beach House is for the Club's shared barbeque and yard maintenance equipment.


Permanent Picnic Table

A cement picnic table sits to the east of the Beach House.


Cooking Area

A large area to the North and North-East of the picnic table offers ample space for the Club's barbeque.


Cold Water Shower

Just to the East of the picnic table is a cold water shower that can be used to rinse off sand covered feet.


Security Gate

Up a sloping sidewalk leads you to the beach's security gate. Once through the gate, you go up a gravel path and stair steps made out of railroad ties to a tunnel that goes under West Lake Sammamish Parkway S.E. On the other end of the tunnel, you get to go up several more steps and down another gravel path the leads between houses to 171st Ave. SE and to one of the two communities that share ownership of our beach club.



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