Sammamish Beach Club

The Sammamish Beach Club is a private shared beach -- part of land ownership in Beaumont, Sammamish Heights and Lake Crest neighborhoods in Bellevue, WA.



Board Meeting Minutes - May 5, 2009

Attending: Van Lanning, Merrilee George, Cathy Relyea, Perry England, Herve Lebrec, Michael DeGooyer


  • Mr. Bortko called and let us know he was removing a tree and commented on how good the property looked. In addition he reassured us that we have access as needed and mentioned that he has had no issues with intruders.
  • The improvements can be viewed on the website:
    Sammamish Parkway project:
  • Dues letter: Perry will send out for review
  • Proxy forms are in PDF format linked off of
  • Pictures are at


  • Tree removal/trimming: ~$1200 (as requested by neighbor and agreed upon at general meeting) - done
  • Repainted tunnel: ~$225 + labor - done
  • Reconstruct retaining wall from tunnel to path: ~$2500
  • Concrete cracking/uneven (patio) ~$2500
  • Repair retaining wall by bathroom: ~$2000
  • Retaining wall at waterfront: ~$2000
    • $10,425 total for safety issues
    • We can only afford of these repairs in the next year based on the current dues
  • Remove 1 toilet and use that area as storage: remove the plastic shed (lower priority at present and not safety related)


  • Put up doggie doo dispenser
  • Keypad needs batteries and the #5 is not working (no estimate at present, but ~$250 for a service call)
  • Post notice on boat at beach get license from boat to Merrilee
  • Need to put new leads on boat mooring ball
  • Investigate options to cover hole where pipe meets lake
  • May need new ropes and floats
  • Need more furniture

Annual Meeting Agenda for May 20th

  • List of expenses and projects (safety issues: repairs and improvements)
  • Financials
  • Income and balance sheet and where we will be Discussion
  • BBQ: June 20th
  • Need interested FUN board members (1-2)
  • Date for turning of access: June 1 due, cut off access on June 15th


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