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The Sammamish Beach Club is a private shared beach -- part of land ownership in Beaumont, Sammamish Heights and Lake Crest neighborhoods in Bellevue, WA.



Meeting Minutes - June 4, 2008

22 members present; 10 proxies represented

President Perry England, welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming to the meeting. He reported that the Bellevue City Utilities Dept. had contacted us and met with the Board to discuss a right-of-way access driveway through our property to maintain the pump station. Studies would have to be made for which the City will assume all costs, but the feasibility is there and the slope involved is not an issue. It was voted and approved by a majority to let the Bellevue City Utilities Dept. pursue the possibility of a right-of-way driveway through our property.

Dues were then discussed, with Merrilee reviewing the financial statement for 2007 of expenses vs income. The Board had set the dues this year at $60 because the original $50 barely covered the general expenses incurred. Merrilee reported that of the $8330 collected, $5395 was from 2007 dues. Expenses were $5419 for insurance, utilities, supplies, maintenance, work party/barbecue and various other smaller items. The shortfall was $24. The access key code cost was $4437, with $2780 in delinquent dues/boat storage revenue covering part of that expense. The remainder came out of the savings account.

Dues must be paid by June 14 and Release forms signed and on file or access codes will be deleted from the system. A list of delinquent properties will be posted on our web site ( listing the property address and amount owing. It was reported that a real estate agent was giving out the access code to everyone for that home at an open house, so it was decided that previous owners’ codes will be deleted upon sale of the home and new codes will be issued to the new owners for security.

Maintenance and Grounds: Perry reported that the Board had decided to hire a professional maintenance person who would be contracted to clean up the grounds, pathway, tunnel area, play area, mow lawn and maintain shrubs, provide trash removal, maintain bathrooms and manage bathroom supplies on a weekly basis during the months of May – Sept. Fewer maintenance visits would be required during the winter months, but security and overall maintenance would be a priority. Motion to hire a professional maintenance person for the stated job description passed unanimously. Perry will review job applicants and hire someone. He will make sure that the person has liability insurance.

Addressing the issue of the additional budget expenditure for maintenance, it was voted and unanimously passed to set the 2009 dues at $85. Discussion regarding the value of our Beach Club property to each household and the virtual low cost per household compared to other areas was held. It was agreed that each home has a viable asset in having the Beach Club and it’s important to keep it in excellent condition.

The issue of dogs at the Beach Club was raised. Perry reiterated that it is our property; we need to treat it with respect and care. We don’t want to restrict dogs, but they should not be a nuisance to people at the beach. Dog feces are another problem; Candace Horton volunteered to get a container of doggie doo bags that will be available for owners to use for their pets as they would in a park. Signs will be posted reminding people that dogs must be kept on a leash.

Other items of discussion:

Boat Storage: All boats will be cleaned off. Storage remains at $250/year, with Joe Mraz receiving free storage in thanks for his years of dedication and hard work for the Beach Club. It was reported that the pink kayak was disappeared.
Sand: The sand in front of the gate, left for the neighbor to the north, will be gradually moved onto our beach area by the maintenance contractor.
Pump House: The question was asked about whose responsibility it is to paint the building. We have painted it in the past, but Perry will ask the city to paint it. The roof will be cleaned by our maintenance contractor.
Water Float: The water float trampoline was destroyed during the winter. It was voted unanimously to replace it. Cheryl will get one at Costco.
Insurance Coverage: We have $500,000 in insurance coverage; Merrilee will check with the insurance agent to see what the cost would be for $1 million coverage. It was voted unanimously to give the Board the authority to pay up to $2000 to increase the insurance coverage.

Elections were held with the following slate of officers voted in:
Perry England
Van Lanning
John Raffetto
Merrilee George
Michael DeGooyer
Cathy Relyea
Cheryl Hubbell
Lynann Bradbury

The Annual Barbecue will be held on June 21st at 4:00 pm. Cheryl Hubbell is in charge with the help of Candace Horton, Kim Corn, Lori Roth and John Raffetto. No work party will be involved; just come and have fun!

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Merrilee George



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