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The Sammamish Beach Club is a private shared beach -- part of land ownership in Beaumont, Sammamish Heights and Lake Crest neighborhoods in Bellevue, WA.



Meeting Minutes - July 19, 2006

Present: John Raffetto, Rich Welnick, Perry England, Amy Conti, Carol Milam, Merrilee George and….Van Lanning

Boat Storage: John will be in charge of not only acquiring boats, but also sending notices out to owners of boats in the storage area that we will be charging $250.00 per year for each boat, starting August 1st. John will have several signs made to be posted on the premises, including “Swim at your own risk”, “Members only”. Liability release forms must be signed by anyone who uses the Club canoe, paddle boats or kayak. All Board members will receive a copy of this release form so they can download it and have it available to anyone who asks for one to sign.

Key Code Access: The bid proposal for key code access was discussed, and it was decided that Perry will contact Eastside Lock & Key to have them come and install the key code access system for our gate and bathroom door.
It was recommended that at the time the codes are given out, everyone will be asked to sign a hold harmless form. Only those members who are current with their dues will be given a code number.

Landscape Architect: The landscape committee for the re-design of the walkway and tunnel area (Van, Amy, Carol & Ryan McGee) will check into getting a landscape architect and will also check into the feasibility of getting a permit for sloping for a driveway.

Sand and fire wood: Van will get a truckload of sand to spread on the “beach” area. Perry and Carol offered wood for the fire pit. The delivery date will be arranged with the neighbor, and Dimitri will be asked to spread the sand.

Safety issues: In addressing the safety issues, Amy will call Kim Corn to see if he can fix the buckling cement, and Rich will replace the missing slats on the deck. Dimitri will prune the plants that are blocking the view to the swimming area from the upper level.

Liability Insurance: Merrilee will check into getting more liability insurance coverage.

The next Board meeting will be August 16th when all committees will make their reports.

Plans for the next barbecue on August 26th will be discussed at that time.

Respectfully submitted,

Merrilee George



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