Sammamish Beach Club

The Sammamish Beach Club is a private shared beach -- part of land ownership in Beaumont, Sammamish Heights and Lake Crest neighborhoods in Bellevue, WA.



Club Meeting Minutes - December 4, 2008

Attending: 18 households present; 9 proxies represented.

7:00 pm - Social Gathering

7:20 pm - Come to Order

Announce Herve Lebrec as new Board Member & Other Introductions

7:25 pm - Review Financials

See attached Excel spreadsheet for financial details

7:45 pm - Review Proposed Spending Budget

  • Focus on safety issues first and no aesthetic issues
  • There was a question from the floor as to the requirements for handicap accessibility
    • We should seek legal opinion quest from the neighbor
  • Roger Childs will give us a bid to patch the concrete cracks
  • Tree trimming request from the neighbor and we need to follow up
    • Can we ask the neighbor to also trim trees to open the view for the neighborhood?
    • Is paint a topic for the neighbor requesting tree trimming? (Anne Hilling)

Retaining wall on steps needs attention and recommendation. (Roger Childs)

Retaining wall next to main building needs attention and recommendation (Roger Childs)

Steps to the West of the tunnel need assessment and recommendation

Additional landscaping and improvements over the next few years

8:15 pm - Vote on Dues Options outlined in the Objective


a) Keeping dues at $85.00 and assessing one time charges for required safety and other capital improvements as detailed by the board; and

b) Increasing dues to $140.00 to accrue funds for making safety and other capital improvements over time as outlined by the board.

  • Motion for $140 annual dues made and seconded; after lengthy discussion, motion passed
  • Moratorium for no annual dues increases for 2 years: motion passed

Interest free option for deferred of $85 for seniors: motion defeated

Interest for dues more than 2 years delinquent? Tabled discussion for now

Discussion for voting by email: Tabled discussion for now

Should we call out that people can vote or submit proxy by email or snail mail proxy forms will be made available on our web site

Adjourn (9:05pm)


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