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The Sammamish Beach Club is a private shared beach -- part of land ownership in Beaumont, Sammamish Heights and Lake Crest neighborhoods in Bellevue, WA.



Board Meeting Minutes - March 24, 2011

Those present were: Perry England, Tom Horton, Herve LeBrec, Mike Degooyer, Merrilee George, Cathy Relyea and John Raffetto

It was reported that there is now graffiti on the upper walkway fence. Mike will check with a friend about getting some graffiti-proof paint for the tunnel and will ask him what to do about removing graffiti from wood.

Herve is working with neighbors to get trees trimmed. The neighbors offered to set up lights and a camera for security. They will provide security services and medical emergency service in exchange for access to the beach. The Board will meet with them on April 14. Herve will also get more tree trimming completed.

Closing off the illegal entry over the fence, using the neighbors’ garage, will be a high priority. Merrilee will contact Roger Childs for an estimate. Lights on the pathway, locks on the tunnel, a time lock on the gate for no entry after 10:00 pm were also discussed.

Merrilee will get quotes from Roger for: removal or replacement of the lower retaining wall, replacing the steps to the grassy area, replacing the steps to the sandy area, staining the deck and replacing missing slats and removing brambles on the upper hillside by the tunnel. These items will then be prioritized and included in the annual dues amount to be set at the Annual Meeting by the membership on May 18th.

Merrilee reviewed the current financial report with our income total of $16,535.65 and expenses of $16,566.17. Our ongoing yearly expenses total $8579.42, with maintenance repairs, kayak, swim platform and net book purchases totaling $7986.75.

Discussions included: replacing the barbecue, setting up a work party to clean out the sheds and retain one with all good parts on it, getting rid of the lawn mower, purchasing additional sturdy lawn furniture, sand for the beach area, kids’ playground area clean up or removal, nighttime security checks and additional landscaping.

John will have a sign made regarding boat usage rules, clean up and return of keys, and he will coordinate with Van to set up buoys with anchors and defining marker lines for the swimming area. The platform will not be launched until after July 4th, at which time it will be anchored further out for safety.

Tom will purchase locks and cable for each of our water craft and will ask the Marine Patrol about putting in a boat line buoy in front of our beach. The keys for the boats will be kept in the bathhouse.

All Board members agreed to remain on the Board for the coming year.

Meeting adjourned.




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