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The Sammamish Beach Club is a private shared beach -- part of land ownership in Beaumont, Sammamish Heights and Lake Crest neighborhoods in Bellevue, WA.



Board Meeting Minutes - April 14, 2011

Those present were: Herve LeBrec, Tom Horton, Perry England and Merrilee George.
Scott Rennie, Agnes Barazs and Roger Childs – guests

Discussion was held with Scott and Agnes, our neighbors at 2450 W. Lk. Samm, regarding their concerns and requests. Perry stated that we are trying to have a good, positive relationship with our neighbors. We are making a concerted effort to work with our neighbors on both sides of the Beach Club to put a stop to vandalism including graffiti. Scott and Agnes are willing to help us try to prevent the trespassing and vandalism. They will be first responders, if possible, to emergencies, as Scott is a doctor. They will also work with us on security details. We, in turn, will provide them with contact info of Board members and give them an access code. Agnes asked us not to leave the garbage at the top of the hill as it is a nuisance. Perry will ask our maintenance crew not to leave it there.

We will be informing our members at the Annual Meeting on May 18 that Dr. Scott Rennie could be available for emergencies with an emphasis to call 911 first in a life-threatening emergency.

Roger then presented his list of maintenance/repair estimates, starting with $960 for a fence from the garage corner up to the neighbor’s new fence to prevent trespassing. Van was called to add his vote for the decision to have Roger build the fence right away.

2) Lights on pathway - $700 for 2 small halogen doubles and wiring
3) Straighten lower retaining wall - $650
4) Clean up steps to grass area - $100
5) Clean up steps to sandy area & replace top step - $100
6) Replace 3 pickets on deck - $50
7) Pressure wash patio, Trex deck & railings and playground equipment - $100
8) Remove brambles on hillside & add plantings & bark - $800
9) Add more playground chips/fix bench - $50
10) Re-stain deck railing - $350

By prioritizing these items, the Board will be proposing that the annual dues be $120 this year. The importance of a security light at the gate and pathway lights for safety were discussed, and Roger will update his estimate. Items 4 & 5, along with 6, 7 & 10 will be recommended, with items 3, 8 & 9 possibly being postponed.

Our operating budget is approximately $9000, with $2500 additional needed for repairs/maintenance, some tree trimming planned and anchors & swimming lines needed at approx. $1500 = $13,000. which is feasible this year.

Meeting adjourned.



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