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The Sammamish Beach Club is a private shared beach -- part of land ownership in Beaumont, Sammamish Heights and Lake Crest neighborhoods in Bellevue, WA.



Annual Club Meeting Minutes - May 18, 2011

18 households represented; 10 proxies

President, Perry England, welcomed everyone and introduced the current Board members. Mike DeGooyer is moving, so nominations for his replacement were made from the floor. Merrilee nominated Jody Kennett. Scott Pollock and Denice Malone were both willing to be on the Board. A motion to have all three on the Board passed unanimously.

Financial Report: Merrilee reported our income total was $16,534.65 and expenses $16,786.64 (see a complete listing).

Brief discussion regarding gardeners: Choice Gardens remains our lawn maintenance company with high quality results and reliable access to Dennis Bortko’s private driveway.
An explanation was given for the expenses of clean up/security – it is to ensure that all items left out daily by patrons are properly returned and that malicious activity is promptly discovered.
Our neighbors at 2450, Agnes Barazs and Scott Rennie, have offered to help us prevent trespassers and vandalism. They encouraged a security camera and security lighting, using their electricity if necessary. They have also offered to be first responders to emergencies. Dr. Scott Rennie can be reached at 425-301-4173 after calling 911.

A power point presentation was shown with pictures detailing the improvements and accomplishments for the year. It was mentioned that the boats are locked up for winter security, but will be individually locked, and the key is in the bathhouse. Access and clean up /return of the boats, oars and life vests will be monitored.

A brief discussion was held regarding the need to block vandals from jumping the fence. Their main access has been blocked with a new fence, but another potential problem area will be to the north. This will be a priority item.

Other potential repairs and improvements would be:
Lights on pathway, security light at gate & security camera
Sign stating boat rules and Beach Club hours
Trees – more thinning is necessary
Stain deck rails
Clean & repair steps to grassy area & sandy area
Repair retaining wall
Purchase new BBQ
Remove graffiti off entry fence
Recommendation: paint picnic table base and paint header on tunnel entrance
Bathrooms need attention
Additional chairs and a bench
Beautification: plantings
Establish a work party to 1) clean out sheds & dismantle one, 2) power wash playhouse, patio, deck & watercraft and 3) clean up brambles by tunnel entrance

Items prioritized were:
Security lighting - yes
Boat & hours signage - yes
Video surveillance camera - no
Securing fence on north side - yes
Additional chair/seating - no
Swim area demarcations - yes
Gas BBQ grill - yes
Repair beachfront retaining wall - yes
Repair pickets and stain deck railing - yes
Repair steps to grassy area and sandy area – yes

Annual dues: The Board had agreed to hold the amount of $140 dues collected to a maximum of 2 years; therefore, they recommended $120 for the current year. Discussion was held with the importance of security and improvements expenditures, and a motion was made and carried to set the amount at $130.

Discussion was held on getting volunteers from the membership and the work that should be done. Joe Mraz will check with the city of Bellevue to provide lighting. Pam Schuerman offered to have her grandson power wash everything. Board members will launch the swim platform and clean out the sheds.
IMPORTANT NOTE: No one is allowed at the Beach Club after dark; the police will be called. Parents: please emphasize this to your children. We also encourage parents to help us protect our property – NO graffiti!

Our annual barbecue will be Saturday, August 13, 2011

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Merrilee George

Contact Info for Board members:

Pres. Perry England
V.P. John Raffetto
Sec. – Treas. Merrilee George
Tom Horton
Herve LeBrec
Van Lanning
Cathy Relyea
Jody Kennett
Scott Pollock
Denice Malone


Respectfully submitted,

Merrilee George


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