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The Sammamish Beach Club is a private shared beach -- part of land ownership in Beaumont, Sammamish Heights and Lake Crest neighborhoods in Bellevue, WA.



Board Meeting Minutes - April 19, 2012

Present:  Van, Tom, Herve, Perry, Merrilee and Dan Kennett for Jody
Discussion was held on lighting for the pathway and security light inside the gate.  Roger has submitted an estimate for $2000.  It was recommended that the poles would be wood – 6x6, 10 feet tall with a side mount light at the top.  It was also recommended that there be a ‘mesh cage’ around the bulbs to protect them from vandalism.
The Board agreed that we need to meet the new renters on the south side to establish good relations and to assure them that we take our responsibilities seriously.  They will be encouraged to call the police if they ever see any illegal or suspicious activity.

An Emergency Contact card will be made up and passed to the neighbors to include the physical address of the Beach Club and a list of Board members to be contacted in case of an emergency that does not warrant a call to the police first.

There was less vandalism this past year so our repair expenditures were down.  Pressure washing was not successful in eliminating the graffiti on the fence leading to the tunnel.  Herve will contact Michael Laskey to tell him that we will have Roger stain the fence when he does the slats on the deck.  Roger will also be asked to paint the inside of the tunnel.

The City of Bellevue will be asked if they plan to put a roadway down to their building and what they plan to do about the instability of the roadway by the tunnel.  The brambles and debris will be hard to clean up because of this hillside instability.  This will be called the “West Lake Sammamish Hillside Stability Project”.
Merrilee went over the current Financial Statement.  114 households are current with their dues, and we collected $1810 outstanding dues owing from previous years.  It was voted to set the dues at $130.  A late fee charge of $10 was added as of October 1 on any outstanding balance, and in the future, a $10 late fee will be imposed for any dues paid later than the deadline of July 1. 

Safety, security and continued beautification are top priorities.  The goal will be to build up a reserve to cover the liability insurance and maintenance and other fixed annual expenses.  These expenses Merrilee lists as $8809 April 2012; $8799.89 April 2011 and $7638.81 April 2010.  
The items that will be reported at the Annual Meeting as completed this year are:
            Boat use rules & hours signage
            Repaired neighbor’s roof on north side & secured fence
            Installed fence on south side of walkway
            Swim area demarcations put in place
            Purchased gas barbecue grill
            Shored up platform & re-set top step on upper stairway by the tunnel
            Replaced broken pickets on deck
            Power washed play area, patio, deck and watercraft (thanks to Pam                                                                                                                        Schuerman’s grandson)
            Purchased locks, cable & keys to secure boats in storage
            Repaired gate lock; replaced gate lock batteries
            Purchased floats and anchors
            Cleaned up garden area & put in bark  
            Purchased 2 chairs
            Cleaned out sheds; dismantled one and disposed of it
            Repaired steps to grassy area and sandy area
            Painted stripe on tunnel headway
Items being worked on presently:
            Security lighting
            Repair beachfront retaining wall
            Stain deck pickets and railing
Potential Projects include:
            Beautification plantings in front of fence
            Improve bathrooms – have one good bathroom w/new counter, toilet/sink; use     other bathroom for storage only – paint floors with textured concrete paint
            Trees – more thinning
            Clean up brambles by tunnel entrance – Hillside Stability Project
            Install new external shower w/permanent piping
            Rebuild landing on upper stairway by the tunnel
            Power wash play area
            Purchase paddle boards
            Additional benches & chairs
The Annual Meeting is set for May 16, 2012   7:00 pm at Perry’s.   Notices will be sent out, along with dues’ notices. All Board members are asked to bring a bottle of wine. 
Meeting adjourned.




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