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The Sammamish Beach Club is a private shared beach -- part of land ownership in Beaumont, Sammamish Heights and Lake Crest neighborhoods in Bellevue, WA.



Annual Club Meeting Minutes - May 16, 2012

18 households represented; 10 proxies

17 households represented; 12 proxies
Perry England called the meeting to order and introduced the current Board members.  According to the By-laws, we need 8 people on the Board, and the following were unanimously re-elected:  Perry England, Van Lanning, Tom Horton, Merrilee George, Herve LeBrec, John Raffetto, Denice Malone and Jody Kennett.
A reminder was given that no one is to use Mr. Bortko’s driveway!  We obtain special permission once a year to use his driveway for the annual barbecue, but it is not for our use at any other time.  Our yard maintenance crew gets clearance because they also work for Mr. Bortko.
Merrilee presented the financial statement (attached) and stated that 114 households are current, $1940 was collected in past dues and $14,855 collected for 2011, including some late fees.  Dues will be $130 for 2012.  It is the Board’s intent to make sure a carryover emergency fund equivalent to the yearly on-going expenses is accrued over the next several years.  It was explained that titles to all the properties in the Beach Club are not clear until all dues have been made current.  Real estate and escrow companies are cooperating with this.
Van said that the gate lock has new batteries, and the gate closer has been adjusted.  If there is an unusually long beep when you use your code at the gate, the battery is going out, and it should be reported to a Board member immediately.
Roger Childs was thanked for all of the work that he has done at the beach on improvements.  He received many compliments.
Perry reported that the security lights have been installed on the pathway.  Vandalism has been horrific in the past, but the Board’s intention is to control it completely.  If you see any inappropriate or illegal activity, (including graffiti tagging) you are asked to call 911 immediately.  The police have all of our info for locating the premises (2442 W. Lk. Samm Pkwy SE).  The neighbors will be given an emergency contact card with our address and notification info for Board members for non-emergencies.

Items Accomplished:

  • Boat use rules & hours signage
  • Repaired neighbor’s roof on north side & secured fence
  • Installed fence on south side of walkway
  • Swim area demarcations put in place
  • Purchased gas barbecue grill
  • Shored up platform & re-set top step on upper stairway by the tunnel
  • Replaced broken pickets on deck
  • Power washed play area, patio, deck and watercraft (thanks to Pam Schuerman’s grandson)
  • Purchased locks, cable & keys to secure boats in storage
  • Repaired gate lock; replaced gate lock batteries
  • Purchased floats and anchors
  • Cleaned up garden area & put in bark  
  • Purchased 2 chairs
  • Cleaned out sheds; dismantled one and disposed of it
  • Repaired steps to grassy area and sandy area
  • Painted stripe on tunnel headway
  • Installed pathway security lighting
  • Repaired beachfront retaining wall
  • Sanded & stained railing caps
  • Painted patio fence
  • Painted picnic table base
  • Power washed play area
  • Painted tunnel
  • Stained folding bench
  • Stained playground equipment
  • Re-launched swim platform and anchored
  • Covered second toilet so room can be used as storage only
  • Installed more shelves in storage room

Potential Projects Include:

  • Beautification plantings in front of fence
  • Improve bathrooms – have one good bathroom w/new counter, toilet/sink – paint             floors with textured concrete paint
  • Trees – more thinning – especially evergreen by gate
  • Clean up brambles by tunnel hillside – West Lake Samm Pkwy Hillside Stabilization Project
  • Install new external shower w/permanent piping
  • Rebuild landing on upper stairway by the tunnel
  • Purchase paddle boards
  • Additional benches & chairs
  • Clean bathroom roof

Perry explained that the W. Lake Samm. Pkwy Hillside Stabilization Project would include asking the City of Bellevue to stabilize the east shoulder of the parkway next to the tunnel and check the stability of the hillside.  Tom had called the City but has not had a response.  It was recommended that a letter be sent.
New members that were present were introduced and all were welcomed:
Bill & Leenar Fong  2601 - 169th SE     Jayson & Mimi Tamai  2601 W. Lk Samm.
Tim & Jodi LaBow  2821 – 170th SE      Eric & Danielle Landrč  2809 – 169th SE
Randy & Tracy Farrow 16907 SE 25th   Shannon Callies & Mark Raridan  2652 – 169th SE                                                                                                  
The Annual Barbecue date was set for JULY 14, 2012  4:00 pm  SAVE THE DATE!
Respectfully submitted,
Merrilee George   
Contact Info for 2012 Board Members:
                                             Email Address                                Cell Phone
Perry England                      206-255-6497
Van Lanning                                  425-260-4636
Tom Horton                          425-260-0027
Merrilee George                                425-765-9149
Herve LeBrec                                425-591-9366
John Raffetto                                 206-245-8855
Denice Malone                       425-765-2873
Jody Kennett                               425-922-2453
                             SAMMAMISH BEACH CLUB
                             2442 W. Lk. Samm. Pkwy SE  (physical address)
Please keep this info by your phone.

Respectfully submitted,

Merrilee George


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