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The Sammamish Beach Club is a private shared beach -- part of land ownership in Beaumont, Sammamish Heights and Lake Crest neighborhoods in Bellevue, WA.



Annual Club Meeting Minutes - May 21, 2013

The meeting was called to order by President, Perry England.  22 homes were represented.  Perry reminded everyone that no one is to use the Bortko driveway under any circumstances and that everyone, including all children, should be respectful of our neighbors.  The rules include using the Beach Club during daylight hours only.  Emergency contacts are posted on, but everyone is encouraged to call the police if any inappropriate activity is observed.
Merrilee reviewed the financial statement with on-going yearly expenses separate from Improvements.  111 homes are current out of 136; 5 are overdue for 2 years; and 20 for more than 3 years.  Perry mentioned that it is the Board’s intention to build up a reserve fund to cover unplanned or unexpected expenses.  Money will be transferred to that fund every year.  Dues are set at $130 for 2013 and payable before June 15.  A $10 late fee will be added after that.
The Board was introduced and as per our bylaws, we need a total of 8 members.  Van Lanning retired, and the Board recommended Bob Milam to replace him.  There being no nominations from the floor, Bob was unanimously voted in.
It was noted that someone has put the swim platform into the water.  It will need to be cleaned up and anchored properly before use. 
Tom reported that the lock has been in for repairs.  Previous problems are hopefully resolved.
Perry reviewed the PowerPoint presentation showing the bathroom remodel (with thanks to Roger Childs) and all other improvements and repairs that have been made.

Items Accomplished:

  • Sanded graffiti off fence and re-stained
  • Repaired playground ladder
  • Stained deck pickets and railing
  • Pressure washed bathroom roof & cleaned gutters
  • Re-plumbed and insulated outside shower and wired for hot water
  • Re-hung gutter above bathroom door to prevent water from coming in
  • Patched hole in exterior wall
  • Replaced inside bathroom door and jamb that were rotting
  • Wood-framed all walls and ceiling in bathroom
  • Insulated walls and ceiling Installed vinyl baseboards
  • Sheet-rocked, taped, finished and painted interior of bathroom
  • Installed vanity, sink and faucet Installed new toilet
  • Scraped, wire-brushed, sanded and painted bathroom floor
  • Installed shelves Installed towel rack
  • Installed new ceiling light Installed paper dispenser and filled with paper
  • Painted tunnel to cover graffiti

General Maintenance & Repair Items to be accomplished (with safety, security and continued beatification top priority):

  • Power washing:  Playground area tarp, platform & swing, table on deck, all boats.
  • Yard maintenance equipment put into outside shed and locked
  • Beach and boat equipment put into building storage area
  • Trim pampas grass
  • Get a key rack for all keys in building storage area
  • Replace swim platform carpet/make improvements
  • Trim trees to the south of beach property
  • Attach rack on west side of building for paddle boards
  • Replace blocks in water on south border with removable sturdy pots with tall plants
  • Remove wooden rack with wheels by boat storage

Potential Capital Improvement Projects:

  • Property line beautification/planters for border
  • Plantings in front of fence & further landscaping
  • Thin trees Purchase 2-person kayaks
  • Purchase paddle boards
  • Fire pit with surrounding benches Improve storage room (formerly the hillside bathroom)
  • On-demand hot water heater for bathroom
  • Additional benches & chairs
  • Hillside stabilization

It was noted that the hillside stabilization project will have to wait for the City of Bellevue to come up with plans to widen the parkway in our area. At that point, they will be contacted.

Everyone is asked to watch for bargains for watercraft and contact the Board.

The Annual BBQ will be Sunday, June 30 at 4:00.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Merrilee George



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