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The Sammamish Beach Club is a private shared beach -- part of land ownership in Beaumont, Sammamish Heights and Lake Crest neighborhoods in Bellevue, WA.



Board Meeting Minutes - April 20, 2015

Financial statement reviewed – line items will be condensed and new categories listed. (See attached)
Tom – bathroom lock replaced; kayak purchased
Water District: Leak ($150) -Bob checked out; Roger repaired. Ask everyone to be diligent in reporting toilet running or water leaks in general.

Tree Removal – permits obtained; Gentle Ben removed & trimmed – Scott Rennie reimbursed us $1000
Easement completed - $900 received
Bellevue City work – damage left – City reimbursed for Roger’s work ($479.90)
Roger’s work:
• Additional landscaping after damage repairs
• Clean up after storm damage in August 2014 from catch basin overflow – including neighbor’s $100 – reimbursed by payment/donation from Trina to Roger
• Planters installed on south border
• Fire pit built
• Treat concrete surfaces for moss, trim & cover boat storage rack end caps, reverse play area tarp, install more hooks in storage room
New Notebook (laptop), service contract, briefcase & interface cable for gate logs
Paddle boards purchased – paddles replaced twice

Items for discussion:

  1. Swim platform re-carpeting – Repair out in the water
  2. Sell or sink rowboat – Haul out & mark free
  3. Replace worn tarp, wood chips and timbers for play area – Remove tarp, replace wood chips, replace timbers
  4. Add picnic table on lawn area - One piece (Costco)
  5. Replace paddle board paddles with true paddles - Too easily stolen; replaced twice
  6. Paddle board rack on outside of building - Install rack next to boats
  7. Replace plantings in pots on south border
  8. Leaking hose bib and toilet won’t flush (Roger is back on it!)
  9. Add more sand on beach
  10. Spring clean up to remove unused stuff in storage room & storage shed
  11. Pressure wash deck – and replace rotten top rail boards
  12. Trim hedges on Michael Z’s side of pathway & trim shrubs on south border
  13. Replace rotting step at first landing below tunnel
  14. Tunnel painting
  15. Boat storage – ours or rent a space Raise rent to $400; if unaccepted, use for ours
  16. Power wash watercraft
  17. Keys to watercraft need to be re-worked & re-hung
  18. Trim evergreen tree at gate entrance

Maximize storage space in storage room – move shelves, tear out wall, add pegboard, new 4-ft. sink

Perry’s son, Zach, and his Bellevue Wrestling team are looking for work for community service and to raise funds for the wrestling team. We agreed to hire them to do the work and donate to the fund.

Nominations/Elections: Philippe Poutonnet nominated as a replacement for Herve; Jim LaForce expressed interest and would be added as 9th member of Board. All current members returning to the Board.

Dues for 2015-16 Set at $130
Annual Meeting date May 13, 2015 Perry’s house 7:00
Annual BBQ date June 14, 2015

Respectfully submitted,
Merrilee George
Recording Secretary






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